The world is on the way to pollution that has an adverse effect on the environment. Although, humans are playing a major role in polluting the one and only earth.

Looking at this issue, the government of every country is taking prominent steps to control the rising pollution.

In this run, many of the cities have become the cleanest in the world. Let you explore those cleanest cities and enjoy touring them virtually.

Below is the list of 5 world’s cleanest cities in 2023:


Calgary City Image

Calgary is Canada’s and the world’s cleanest city with a more than 1.6 million population. In 2007, It was listed as the world’s cleanest city by Forbes magazine.

Back in 2014, it again topped the list according to Mercer Global Financial. Calgary has made a huge improvement in air quality, sanitation, and clean sewage systems.

Calgary’s government also charges huge fines for littering. As a result, most people aren’t willing to litter.

They also launched a program “Too Good to Waste” which helps to reduce landfill waste on a large scale.


Adelaide image city

Adelaide, the capital of Australia considered the world’s second cleanest city. It is located between St Vincent Golf and Lofty mountain and is also the commercial central hub of the country.

The city has also banned vehicles that emit harmful gases. The city has further very systematic waste management and recycling rules.

Those rules also enable them to recycle 85% of the city’s waste, which is why it ranks in the second position.


Zurich city image

Zurich in Switzerland ranks among the top cleanest cities in the world because it follows strict cleanness guidelines.

It is also known as green architecture for its smart building management that helps in reducing CO2 emissions.

Zurich has developed to online cleanness system as it provides an app that helps residents keep track of household rubbish disposal schedules.

With the help of such features, their Civil Engineering and Disposal Departments got the ease of collecting about 30,000 rubbish bags every day.


Singapore city images

Singapore (city-state) is Asia’s first and among the top world’s cleanest cities with over 5.8 million population. Their mission of cleaning the city is ongoing since the earlier 1970s.

Singapore’s government is highly strict in terms of rules and guidelines for keeping the city clean. They considered littering as an offense and would charge huge amounts.

Their National Environment Agency has used nearly $3 million every year between 2010 and 2014 on anti-litter campaigns and outreach activities.

Through such prominent steps, they succeeded to maintain their city clean.


Honolulu City Image

Honolulu in Hawaii attracts thousands of tourists every year, especially island tourists. The metro area population of Honolulu is about 898,000 in 2020.

The city is also the capital of its country and therefore all the economic resources are concentrated in the capital.

The city’s public transportation system has been emphasized in such a way that helps to reduce traffic and exhaust fumes.

Further, it has very strong waste management and it welcomes tourists with open arms.

The Bottom Line

The world’s cleanest cities are ranked on the table only because of their well-organized management. As we know that there are numerous types of pollution that are increasing sharply.

They could ultimately finish the world as they have direct and indirect effects on the environment.

So, we need to maintain a systematic discipline that can further help decrease the pollution in our surroundings. In this way, we can also list our surrounding city in the world’s cleanest cities list.

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