Land pollution has become a common problem everywhere these days. Every time we look in our surroundings, we get how the earth’s surface is being damaged by land pollution. The land gets polluted with both natural and human phenomena. However, humans are playing a key role in polluting the land and damaging the environment. So today we will see how the land gets polluted, its effects, and preventions. So that we can spread awareness among peoples to save our earth from being destroyed. Let’s begin this wonderful essay on land pollution.

What is Land Pollution

The contamination of the earth’s surface on a large scale is known as land pollution. It mainly increases when non-biodegradable products get thrown on the earth’s surface in large quantities. Plastics bags, aluminum cans, metal scraps, etc are among the non-biodegradable products. These materials cannot be decomposed in soil and thus it resulted contaminating the earth’s surface.

Causes of Land Pollution

There are several factors that are responsible for land pollution, while it is natural or human-based. As of the present scenario, deforestation, agriculture, industrialization, soil erosion are the major concerns for land pollution.

Humans are cutting plants and trees (deforestation) for making industries and houses. Due to this, the lands are losing their fertility and getting converted into dry and barren land. These are creating a worry for peoples as unfertile land couldn’t grow crops properly. When it comes to agriculture, it also supports increasing land pollution. As the rise in population resulting in high demand and low supply of foods. The farmers are using toxic fertilizers and pesticides to ready the crops in a short period of time. Although, the use of toxic chemicals results in contaminating and the poisoning of soil.

As the population is rising rapidly, many new industries and factories are being built every day. They develop garbages and wastes on a very large scale which is dumped into waters or on open lands. This also leads to the rise in water pollution. Another major and very common cause of land pollution is littering. Peoples are creating a big problem by throwing garbages and wastes in an undefined way. Mostly the6 cigarette butt leads to develop toxicity in the land as they are made up of toxic substances.

Moreover, mining, nuclear waste, construction, landfills, urbanization are responsible for the increase in land pollution.

Effects of Land Pollution

Land pollution has an adverse effect on the environment. It directly affects human beings, plants, and animals’ lives. Below are the major effects of land pollution.

  • Diseases – Land pollution leads to the formation of insects and bacteria such as flies, rodents, and mosquitoes. They pollute the environment and also cause harmful diseases like dengue, malaria, and plague.
  • Agriculture – Land pollution carried to drylands that makes the land unfertile. Due to this, agriculture becomes very hard on these types of lands. Even the agricultures have done on polluted landforms harmful and impure foods. This also leads to affect human health.
  • Environment – Land pollution affects the earth’s surface poorly and thus many of the lands become unusable. It leads to the scarcity of land for our use. Further, it affects the flora and fauna kingdom badly and this resulted in a great change in the environment. Many of the plants and animal species are being extinct due to land pollution.
  • Climate – Land pollution leading to destroy the plant’s kingdom and we know how plants are important for oxygen. The demand for oxygen is on rising but the sources are getting decrease by deforestation. It further results in the rise of carbon dioxide and therefore making the environmental temperature very high. Climate change causing disastrous problems including floods and irregular rainfalls.
  • Others – Land pollution is the major cause of air and water pollution. During rainfall, the contaminated water gets transferred into water bodies which resulted in water pollution.

Preventions of Land Pollution

Land pollution is one of the biggest concerns about which we have to be very careful. If we keep ignoring it, then the day will be not far when everyone will do mourn for them. So, we still have some chance to make our coming days survivable. Always try to spread the awareness of pollution among peoples. Here are some major steps can be taken to reduce land pollution.

  1. Refuse to use products that are non-biodegradable and can’t be recycled.
  2. Stop cutting plants and trees (deforestation) and try to plant more and more trees (afforestation).
  3. Reduce the use of plastics and use paper bags for storing goods.
  4. Use natural and organic manure and pesticides for farming. If not, then almost try to reduce the use of toxic chemicals.
  5. Stop littering. It starts in small quantity but later reaches on a large scale.
  6. Don’t throw wastes anywhere but use dustbins.
  7. Factories should be stopped dumping their wastes on an open field.

Summary of Essay on Land Pollution

Land pollution is the next name of a great worry. It is increasing day by day because of the wrong human activities. Humans are making a great contribution to land pollution. Even after knowing that how effective it could be. Land pollution could really change heaven earth into a hell. It has a number of effects on the environment. Even it causes many diseases and sometimes leads to death.

As land pollution is arising every day, everyone should need to be very responsible for reducing it. We need to reduce the use of plastics, metals, and toxic chemicals for our use. There are many alternatives available of these products we can use. Such as we can use paper bags instead of plastics. We can use natural manure and fertilizer in place of toxic chemicals for agriculture.

But in any way, we have to reduce the land pollution from increasing more. Or we are sure going to suffer from a great disaster. So, try to be cautious.

Hope you knew all about the land pollution in this essay. We will be glad if you share your feedback on this essay.

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