It is always a life-changing experience to visit another country.

Do you know which countries are the cleanest in the world? Not visiting all countries of the world will be a life-changing event for you.

The cleanest countries of the world will open your eyes wide in amazement.

Similarly, a cleaner environment depicts the habits of the people of that area and brings out an air of freshness and likeness toward them.

Cleanest Countries in the World

Cleanest Countries in the World

How is your country? Is it clean enough to be called the world’s most pristine country? We will be enlisting numerous countries that hold the title of the cleanest and tidiest.

However, first, you need to understand the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). It acts as a scale telling you how clean a country is.

If a country’s environmental performance is perfect, it will be awarded a score of 100 – which is highly unlikely.

Let’s dive into the list of the top 10 cleanest countries in the world in 2023.

1. Denmark

People often asks, which is the most cleanest country in the world? Well, It’s Denmark.

Denmark takes the top spot with a fantastic EPI score of 82.5, making it one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Moreover, it stands on top in various environmental factors, including wastewater treatment, water management, and species protection index.

Among all these categories, Demark has scored almost ideally.

These people are not joking around when it comes to their environment, and they are concerned about it.

They have enforced effective laws and policies on greenhouse gases and other poisonous emissions. Similarly, their enhanced focus on environment-friendly policies shows a model to follow.

Furthermore, there is an increase in eco-friendly structures, solar-powered appliances, and electric-powered vehicles.

The locals of Denmark are very social people, and the country also holds the title of the least corrupt state of the world – that is saying something.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of those countries where the population is increasing, and with an increase in population, environmental problems arise.

Nonetheless, these fantastic people have made their country environment-friendly and got an EPI score of 81.5.

It would help if you remembered that Luxembourg is a small country of only 1650 sq. km. Moreover, the total population is around 600,000.

Also, most parts of the country are rural and comprised of natural parks and beautiful sceneries.

Despite their rapid population growth, they have implemented numerous environmentally friendly laws and policies, thus helping the environment stay healthy.

They have scored almost ideally in various other categories of environmental-related activities. Similarly, their gas emissions, water quality, and pollution spread scores are excellent.

They remind humanity that the increasing population is no excuse for increasing pollution.

3. Switzerland

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Switzerland? It is not the swish sandwich or cheese. Beautiful sceneries, glaciers, hotels, and incredible tourism are a few things that rush to your mind.

It has a series of moderate climates around the year, making it ideal for visitors.

This is only possible if the country is clean and houses are closer to nature and environmentally friendly. After all, nobody wants to break the bank visiting a dirty and polluted country.

With an astonishing EPI score of 81.3, Swish people have occupied the third spot on our list.

Switzerland is also known for its increasing wildlife and always flourishing natural sites. It is not very surprising since it is world-famous because of its environment-friendly initiatives and cleanliness.

This country has the lowest pollution and lowest crime. What more can you ask for? Right?

4. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, the home of the longest-reigning monarch in known history – takes the fourth spot on our list. The United Kingdom gained an EPI score of 81.3, the same as Switzerland.

Well, we thought they were an enormous country, so they must have bigger hearts as well. They won’t mind giving their spot to the Swiss.

This country has over 66 million humans living, and with such numbers, it is astonishing how they have kept their environment clean.

Similarly, they have scored excellent among other sectors like drinking water, sanitation, and wastewater management.

With one of the highest GDPs in the world and the third-largest economy in Europe, they have done well with their environment.

5. France

The fifth cleanest country in the world is France. They are proud people, and they are proud of their environment.

They got a superb EPI score of 80, making them one of the cleanest countries in the world.

It is one of the largest countries in Europe with enormous natural sites which will bring happiness to your hearts. Similarly, they have many industrial areas, power sectors, and other pollution contributors.

Nonetheless, with the most suitable policies and laws, they have contributed towards eliminating pollution and are tirelessly making their country clean and beautiful.

Some of the world’s top tourist destinations are in France. It is only because of their higher standards and no compromise regarding their environment.

With more than 83 million foreign visitors coming to France each year, it is the top tourist destination in the world.

6. Austria

Another country in Europe takes the title of one of the cleanest countries in the world. Austria has the honor of getting an EPI score of 79.6 – a few short of 80.

They have ranked among the top five countries among ecosystem vitality and eco-friendly agriculture. About two-thirds of their area is filled with greenery, forest, wilds, and natural habitats for animals.

Also, they have some of the strictest laws concerning the release of chemicals and emissions. In this way, they protect their environment from soil and air pollution.

7. Finland

Finland has the honor of ranking first among the countries with the cleanest air and environmental health. However, they got an EPI score of 79, making them the seventh cleanest country on our list.

Did you know that Finland is the world’s most environmentally healthy country? Similarly, their air quality is also the cleanest in the world.

Renewable energy resources meet around 30 to 40 percent of their energy needs.

They have laws that protect animal life and their environment. Heavy fines and punishments await those who threaten the environment.

Tourism statistics show that Finland has a record growth in international tourists.

8. Sweden

The eighth cleanest country on our list is Sweden, with 78.7. They are known for their low carbon dioxide emissions.

Did you know that greenhouse gases comprise 80% of carbon dioxide? Also, they are responsible for global temperature rise and global warming.

A massive chunk of their energy needs is filled with renewable energy resources. They have the same score as Austria for the cleanest air in the world.

They are driven towards preserving the natural habitats of wildlife and have contributed towards increasing and maintaining forests around the country.

Like all other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is clean, rich, and well-developed. It is no surprise that it holds a spot among the most pristine countries globally.

9. Norway

Another top-ten successful candidate on our list is Norway. Did you know that this country has a perfect score of 100 on sanitation and drinking water?

Also, after Finland, they came second in environmental health.

Here is an astonishing fact for you. Norway’s 97% of energy needs are met through renewable energy sources. Similarly, they aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in the coming years.

Norway holds a prominent position among famous tourist destinations with captivating sceneries, meadows, and breathtaking midnight sun.

Also, they are very keen and take great interest in keeping their environment healthy and clean.

10. Germany

Although Germany’s spot is the last among the top ten cleanest countries in the world, you must not forget that it is the most technologically advanced country.

Keeping technology and the environment on top is a fantastic feat.

Many engineering marvels have been produced and introduced by Germans in history. Similarly, they are surprising the world now and then with a new piece of technology or machinery.

When a country is so advanced in the industrial and manufacturing sector, how come they have less pollution?

The answer is the attitude of people and government towards cleanliness. They have adopted cleanliness in each part of their life and made it a vital part of their lifestyle.

In recent years Germany has dramatically invested in green agriculture solutions and aims towards a renewable energy revolution.


You can call cleanliness a habit or attitude to keep yourself and your surroundings clean and tidy. In this age of fossil fuels, chemicals, and plastics, a spot in the top ten list of cleanest countries is a marvelous feat.

Careless individuals with dirty habits are the leading cause of various diseases and infections.

You can say that the neat attitude of the mentioned cleanest countries in the world is excellent and praiseworthy.

Moreover, they are making a name for themselves and their countries globally.

Similarly, such countries always attract the most tourism around the globe, thus increasing revenue generation and moving towards a progressive future.

The other countries must follow their examples and enforce laws and regulations concerning the environment.

Also, they must aim towards getting a spot among the cleanest countries in the world.

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