Liquid and solid Wastes, harmful gases, loud sounds, and unnecessary lights, when they make their way into the environment, cause Pollution. It is caused by two different means.

  • Natural means
  • Unnatural/artificial means

Natural means of Pollution are mostly volcanic activities and forest fires. When volcanos erupt, they throw gases like hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Similarly, millions of trees burn in a single sweep when wildfires happen, causing a flood of gasses and contaminants into the surroundings.

You can not simplify pollution-causing Pollution in a single speech, paragraph, or page. It has become so manifold that it has become an entirely different branch of study.

However, in this article, we will emphasize different types of Pollution, and at the same time, we will explain them separately with their cause, effects, and solutions.

What are the Different Types of Pollution?

You might have read about three types of Pollution in your school during your early education. Basically, there are land, air, and water pollution.

Additionally, there are also other types like light and noise pollution.

However, due to certain similarities and minor natures, we will be classifying light and noise pollution as one.

Below are the different types of pollution.

1. Air Pollution

Many sources of human activities cause air Pollution. Most of it is because of industries, transportation, and other fuel-burning activities.

When pollutants of various kinds are converted into gaseous form, they travel and spread into the environment due to their lighter mass.

The most common contaminants in the air are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen dioxide. Similarly, there are thousands of other air-contaminating substances and particulates.

Humans need a constant supply of oxygen to keep living, and in every few seconds, air goes in and comes out of their bodies.

Air pollution is scary because you do not have a lot of safety options with it. After all, no matter what, you have to breathe.

Another factor that makes air pollution the worst is that it spreads rapidly with the wind flow. You may develop a severe respiratory disease because of contaminated air from a faraway factory.

Similarly, the Ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful radiations from the sun; is gradually getting thinner and thinner.

It is happening because of gases like Bromine and Chlorine emitted from various industries across the globe. Also, people are at risk of UV radiation from the sun due to air pollution.

According to a report from WHA, over 8 million die each year because of worsening air quality in the world.

2. Land/Soil Pollution

All forms of Pollution affecting the land are known as land pollution. It can be chemical compounds, solid wastes, and other soil-harming elements.

Soil is not a renewable source, and it takes thousands of years to recover. Land pollution is a heavy topic, and its impact on the environment and living beings is direct.

It poses a severe threat to the environment, animals, plants, and human lives. Deforestation, urbanization, mining, industrial wastes, and poor waste disposal systems are significant causes of soil pollution.

3. Water Pollution

Water pollution contaminates water bodies like streams, rivers, reservoirs, dams, and seas. The leakage of sewage lines, non-biodegradable materials, and industrial wastes are significant causes of water pollution.

Chemicals and dangerous foreign substances like sewage, pesticides, fertilizers, lead, heavy metals, and scraps are major water-polluting elements.

4. Noise and Light Pollution

Noise pollution can be from prolonged vehicle horns, loud music, and non-stop machine sounds. Usually, this type of Pollution affects urban or developed areas. It is one of the most significant causes of stress.

Excessive and disturbing lights cause Light Pollution. It is also common in cities and densely populated areas. It can cause headaches and stress.

Effects of Different Types of Pollution

The effects and damages of each type of Pollution are different. Let’s see below and find out several effects of every type of pollution.

Here are the effects of different types of pollution

1. Effects of Air Pollution

Compared to other types of Pollution, Air pollution has phenomenal effects on the environment and living things.

The world is getting crowded with more humans, machines, and factories – continuously pumping more and more contaminations into the air.

Do you know about Non-communicable diseases? They are heart-related diseases, and most people die due to them. Air pollution is one of the primary causes of death from NCDs.

These diseases include stroke, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease.

2. Effects of Land Pollution

Household garbage and industrial waste are the leading players in spreading land pollution. In 2014, USA citizens produced 258 million tons of solid waste and litter.

You can be at risk of leukemia and other related conditions if you contact with contaminated soil with gasoline and benzene. Land pollution can also cause nervous breakdown and depression, especially in children.

Land pollution also threatens drinking water, a fundamental need to live. Animals are forced to change their habitats, and such a disturbance can wipe out entire species.

Polluted areas often tend to go dry, which becomes a cause of wildfires – which can cause more damage to the environment.

3. Effects of Water Pollution

The primary effect of water pollution is the contamination of drinking water. It becomes vital in areas where the drinking water supply depends on ponds and other reservoirs.

Similarly, due to agricultural activities and industrial and chemical leakages, harmful liquids can seep into the earth’s surface, polluting the groundwater.

It is primarily common in areas where freshwater orifices are not very deep.

Other effects of water pollution are mainly a threat to animals when their water hole gets contaminants.

Finally, marine life and water dwellers are directly affected by water pollution. Firstly the polluted water is poison to them. Secondly, a few chemicals reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, killing fish instantly.

An increase in water-borne diseases, metal particles in food, and loss of entire crops are also associated with water pollution.

In the end, it is one of the significant environmental problems which is faced by all living beings on earth.

4. Effects of Noise and Light Pollution

Among living beings, only humans can express themselves. We cannot say that noise pollution does not affect animals, but millions of people are involved daily.

Hearing loss, high blood pressure, elevated stress levels, and heart diseases are common problems.

Similarly, light Pollution can affect humans and plants due to excessive and unnecessary light. People can have stress, high blood pressure, and headaches.

Furthermore, few sensitive plants can lack growth and other problems when exposed to Light Pollution.

How to Prevent Different Types of Pollution?

The saying goes, “prevention is a cure,” so it is always wiser to plan and skip through problems. It must be adopted for Pollution since it is a severe threat to all living things on the planet.

We have shared some thoughts on tackling each type of Pollution appropriately.

Let’s see how one can prevent different types of pollution.

1. How to Prevent Air Pollution?

Air pollution is one of the most discussed topics of the last decade. The discussions yielded various solutions to prevent it. Among the significant answers, the first one is environmentally friendly transportation.

The clear answer is in the form of electric vehicles. Similarly, the electricity must be generated through hydro, wind, and solar sources. The coal, gas, and nuclear power plants must be minimized or stopped.

Whether at home, work, or outside, you must consistently conserve energy. You can do this by turning off unnecessary lights, using fans in place of air conditioners, and using public transport.

When you save energy, fewer power plants will run, and minimum pollutants will flow in the air.

More preventions are to ban the usage of crackers and use of filters in your chimneys.

2. How to Prevent Land Pollution?

Land pollution turns beautiful sites into ugly places. The ultimate prevention method for land pollution is to use recyclable and bio-degradable materials.

Similarly, boycotting non-degradable materials like plastic can significantly improve the environment.

Furthermore, adopting innovative and environment-friendly agriculture solutions like green agriculture is another answer to this alarming situation of soil pollution.

Also, improving the disposal systems of densely populated areas and imposing heavy penalties is another solution.

3. How to Prevent Water Pollution?

Without a clean and fresh supply of water, life is not possible. Water pollution can be minimized by following some well-known prevention methods.

It might be considered a minor effect, but microplastics are alarming. You cannot see them with the naked eye, but they are present in your drinking water if your water is contaminated.

We have said before that plastic is the cancer of the environment and additionally it can cause you cancer too.

Try to minimize plastic usage and, if possible, use it for a more extended period, so the production is slower. Furthermore, handling chemicals and medicine disposal carefully is another way of preventing land pollution.

Finally, the more minor things make the most difference. Never throw even a tiny wrapper of candy on the ground – instead, use a garbage can.

4. How to Prevent Noise and Light Pollution?

Stress, high blood pressure, and a few heart conditions are caused by noise pollution. They can be avoided by using low-sound vehicles, keeping the music sound down, and turning off unnecessary lights.

Conclusion: Types of Pollution

All types of Pollution are the result of human negligence towards their environment. We have achieved marvels in science and technology, and more innovation is on the door.

Nonetheless, human nature’s tragedy is that we often ignore and bypass the most important things – the environment being the most essential.

Pollution has evolved into various types that we have discussed in this article. More humans are becoming their prey every day, and the health rate is declining.

Pollution is the forerunner of perdition – John Trapp

Effects of Pollution are in every sector and area of life. It can be human, plant, or animal life.

It targets the essential needs of living things: air, water, and land. Consequently, everybody gets affected by it directly or indirectly.

What do you think is the solution to this ongoing problem? Being a part of this world, each individual has to prevent different types of Pollution.

We have presented various solutions to every kind of Pollution in this essay. They are targeting your daily life now; which sort of Pollution will you target?

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