Types of Pollution Essay in English for Students

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Pollution is a major problem of today’s world that has shown a sharp rise in some previous years. It is among the problems that have an adverse change on the environment. There are various types of pollution about which we will see in this essay.

Although there are more than seven types of pollution, majorly peoples know about the three types only. So, let begin the essay and see all the types of pollution with their causes, effects, and preventions.

How many Types of Pollution?

There are majorly seven types of pollution They are:

  1. Water Pollution
  2. Air Pollution
  3. Land Pollution
  4. Sound Pollution
  5. Light Pollution
  6. Thermal Pollution
  7. Radioactive pollution

These are the major types of pollution in which water, air, and land pollution are mainly seen everywhere. Below is the essay on these major types of pollution.

1. Water Pollution

Water pollution is the introduction of harmful and toxic materials into the water bodies, lakes, ponds, rivers, seas, or oceans. It has major effects on aquatic animals. The main cause of water pollution is the use of water bodies as waste disposal places.

Many factories used to dispose of their wastes in the water that contains chemicals and toxic material. It hardly affects the marine wildlife and also coastal area’s livings. We know that water is limited and thus polluting water could also lead to its scarcity. Polluted water causing the death of millions of peoples every year.

2. Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the contamination of the atmosphere that mainly caused by gaseous pollutants. Air (oxygen) is among the most important resources for lives on earth. But what if we pollute that air. Air pollution has very hazardous effects on human health, along with plants and animals.

Air pollution causes by the emission of vehicle gaseous, factories, nuclear testing, volcanic eruption, deforestation, etc. Diseases caused by air include respiratory problems, lung diseases, asthma attacks, pulmonary cancer, leukemia, cardiovascular problems, and much more. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), air pollution causes seven million premature deaths every year.

3. Land Pollution

Land pollution is the contamination of the land (surface of the earth) on a very large scale. Peoples are not so conscious about land pollution. Although, it has also many adverse effects on the environment. Land pollution mainly causes deforestation and soil erosion. Plants and trees play a big role in keeping the soil tightened. But deforestation leads to loss of soil and this leads to great soil waste.

Agricultural activities also cause land pollution as the farmers use chemicals and toxic pesticides for growing crops. This later mixed with soil and resulted to contribute to land pollution. Land pollution makes the groundwater poisonous. It also affects the wildlife and human health that further affects the eco-system.

4. Sound Pollution

Sound pollution simply means a break of a hearing level when our ears aren’t able to hear properly. According to WHO, noise above 65db causes sounds pollution, and noise above 75db could be dangerous for humans. Sound pollution is not like air, water, or land pollution. Even it hasn’t any big effect on the environment. But it could be a threat to human health.

Sound pollution mainly causes by high noise-producing objects. Airplane, factories, vehicles, volcano, military wars, rockets, and fireworks are the major pollutants of sound pollution. It directly affects human health. Such as blood pressure, heart diseases, hearing loss, poor sleep, etc. Ships and submarines produce sound pollution in seas and oceans and this leads to affect the aquatic animals.

Summary of Essay on Types of Pollution

Pollution is now a big threat about which we have to be very careful. Different types of pollution have different effects on the environment and human health. As the pollution is increasing due to our activities, we are also responsible to stop it from further increasing. It is very important to stop the pollution for our better future. So, educate peoples about pollution and its types as to how is written in this essay. Educating other peoples could also cut the rise of pollution on a broad scale.

Hope you enjoyed the essay on types of pollution. We will be thankful to you if you share your feedback about this enjoy. Last, protect the earth from being destroyed.

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