Sound pollution also known as noise pollution is one of the major concerns going on right now. It has unrealizable effects on human health. The whole world is facing the problem today, especially in Delhi (India).

The European Environment Area (EEA) clarified 16,600 premature deaths in Europe due to sound pollution only. It is a big worry for our future.

So, we just need to control the noise pollution from further increasing. We will know the causes, effects, and prevention of sound pollution in this amazing essay.

What is Sound Pollution?

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As of World Health Organisation (WHO), sound pollution is noise above 65db. It hasn’t a direct effect on the environment, including air, water, and land.

But it can severely affect the humans and plants health on a broad level. Sound pollutants could be vehicles, airplanes, fighter jets, factories, fireworks, etc.

Sound above 75db could be very dangerous and could also lead to serious problems.

Causes of Sound Pollution

As the world is turning towards next-generation technologies and machines. They also become a contributor of the sound pollution.

Factories which contain compressor, generators and exhaust fans are increasing the sound pollution.

Vehicles having old silencers produce a heavy amount of sound and lead to sound pollution.

Even the ships and submarine causes ocean sound pollution and this also affects the aquatic animals’ life. Moreover, airplanes, jets, rockets, military wars, fireworks, etc increases sound pollution on a large scale.

Major Effects of Sound Pollution

Likely air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution, sound pollution hasn’t major effects on the environment or on the eco-system. But it directly affects human’s health seriously, especially causes hearing problems.

Diseases caused by sound pollution are high blood pressure, hearing loss, stress, poor sleep, and many heart diseases.

Even sound pollution causes brain problems, cardiovascular diseases, and psychological disorders. Animals are also get affected by sound pollution. Hens and other small birds get heart diseases after hearing a very loud voice.

Aquatic animals also start behaving very dangerously after listening to high sounds in the sea or ocean. Thus, sound pollution would be very effective on the earth’s organisms.

How to Reduce the Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is increasing every day and peoples are still not conscious of it. If this is gone like this way then sure our future will be full up of troubles.

Every citizen of this world needs to contribute themselves to stop the increasing sound pollution.

But the question is how we can reduce sound pollution. There is no big formulae or work for it. We can simply reduce sound pollution by following the given points below.

  1. Reduce the use of louder sound-producing technologies and machines.
  2. Turn off electric appliances when they are not in use.
  3. Close the windows in order to stop the outer coming noise.
  4. Fireworks factories should be closed.
  5. Nuclear testing plants should be always far from homelands.
  6. Peoples should be very careful in using high-volume speakers.
  7. We should reduce the use of vehicles containing old silencers.

Moreover, there is easy and normal ways that can really reduce the sound pollution a bit. Like to use earplugs or headphones while listening to any audio.

Also, educating other peoples about sound pollution could be beneficial.

Summary of Essay on Sound Pollution

Sound pollution is an ongoing worry in the world that has serious effects on the earth’s organisms. However, humans are still not conscious of it.

Sound pollution affects humans along with animals too. Factories and vehicles are the major cause of the sound pollution. Although many other factors also matter.

We should need to be very careful about our every activity. If we couldn’t stop it then we would be responsible for all the future hazardous problems of sound pollution.

Hope you get the causes, effects, and prevention of sound pollution in this essay. We would be very thankful to you if you share your feedback with us.

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