There are several types of pollution we know about. But most people are even not heard of the term, thermal pollution.

Although it has an adverse effect on the environment. Thermal pollution causes many problems and also affects the ecosystem.

Today we will know all its causes, effects, and preventions. Let’s start the amazing essay on thermal pollution.

What is Thermal Pollution?

Essay on Thermal Pollution for School Student in English
Essay on Thermal Pollution for School Students in English

Thermal pollution or thermal enrichment is the contamination of water quality due to the change in water temperature. A common and major cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant.

Most of the factories use water to cool their heated machines. Further, they release the same water in their previous place. But after being heated, the water lost its oxygen and this becomes a concern.

Likely, thermal pollution has also various causes and effects we will see below in this essay.

What are the Causes of Thermal Pollution?

Above we have already seen the common cause of thermal pollution.

That is using water as a coolant in manufacturing and industrial plants. Below are the major causes of thermal pollution.

  1. Deforestation – We know how much plants and trees are important for shade. Not only for humans but for rivers and animals too. If there wouldn’t be trees then the water bodies would be directly exposed to the sunlight. Thus, the water would absorb more heat and lose its oxygen.
  2. Soil Erosion – Soil is the important layer that protects the underground water from being heated. But similarly, when the soil gets degraded, the sunlight directly heats the underground water and causes thermal pollution.
  3. Sewage – Domestic sewage usually disposed of into rivers, ponds, and lakes without treating the wastes. This resulted in to increase in the water temperature and thus the water lost its oxygen. It was carried out in anaerobic conditions.
  4. Natural Causes – There are also natural causes of thermal pollution that includes volcanos, geothermal vents, and hot springs.

What are the Effects of Thermal Pollution?

There is a number of effects of thermal pollution as it is directly connected to water. It mainly affects marine wildlife, especially aquatic animals.

Fishes suffer from several problems due to overheating, low oxygen, and pollution. As thermal pollution led to water pollution, the people of the coastal area also get affected by it.

Release of the water from factories after using it as a coolant may contaminate the water and makes them toxic. These type of toxic waters causes several health diseases and sometimes led to death.

Moreover, thermal pollution causes reproductive system problems, has an ecological impact, and loss of diversity.

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How to Reduce Thermal Pollution?

Thermal pollution could be easily stopped by reducing the use of water as a coolant. Because it is the major cause of thermal pollution.

It can also stop afforestation as plants also help to prevent soil erosion. Water recycling for several uses could really stop thermal pollution from increasing.

We should also need proper sewage treatment in order to stop the increasing thermal pollution in lakes, ponds, and rivers.

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