Pollution has become a major problem worldwide these days. Even the kids are getting aware of it. There was a time when pollution was almost nowhere. But nowadays, it is everywhere and directly affecting the environment.

This all happening because of the wrong human activities. Different types of pollution have different effects on nature. Being responsible citizens, we should need to know the causes and effects of pollution and to further how to reduce it.

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Introduction to Pollution

When harmful materials are introduced into the environment, it is called Pollution, and the materials are pollutants. The pollutants can be natural, and they can also be artificial.

Unfortunately, natural pollution casing elements are next to nothing compared to contaminants due to human activities. Pollution has become a type of cancer for all life on planet earth.

Pollution Should Never be the Price of Prosperity. – Al Gore

What is Pollution?

When Harmful elements, emissions, Noise, and particulates are pushed into the environment, it is called Pollution. It takes various forms, and depending on those forms; it is categorized.

As humans evolved and aimed for higher goals, so did their troubles. Pollution is also a similar case that is the inevitable part of the whole equation.

For instance, a liter of gasoline will give your engine heat energy and enough pressure to go on for miles, but at the same time, it will also throw out harmful elements into the environment.

Types of Pollution

At first, there was only a general term called Pollution. However, with the progress in various sectors of human industry and needs, it became more multifarious, and different types emerged.

Today, four main types of Pollution are haunting the planet earth. Typically, only three types are discussed in most essays on Pollution. However, we find the fourth type important enough to be given a separate heading.

1. Air Pollution

Air quality decreases due to smoke, emissions, particulates, and chemicals from industrial activities, radioactive & nuclear activities, engine exhausts, and household chemical items. Such air is called polluted air, and the occurrence is known as air pollution.

It is one of the scariest forms of Pollution, affecting billions and killing over 7 million people each year, as per a WHO report.

2. Land/Soil Pollution

Land or soil pollution is caused by the poor disposal of solid and liquid wastes. It mainly affects the land and, in most cases, makes its way into water sources as well.

It is the most known and discussed kind of Pollution since it is visible to the naked eye and easier to address.

3. Water Pollution

When poorly disposed of solid and liquid wastes make their way into nearer water sources, the water becomes polluted, causing water pollution.

Due to this increasing issue, rivers, streams, canals, seas, and oceans are in bad shape. Even the groundwater, which was thought to be untouched, is also contaminated in some parts of the world.

4. Noise and Light Pollution

Noise and light pollution is caused in places with a high density of human activities. Noise pollution is due to the extra amount of non-rhythmic sounds which make you feel uncomfortable.

They are mostly engine, horn, human, and industrial sounds. Similarly, light Pollution is induced due to an excessive amount of lights that irritate your eyes and make you feel dizzy at times.

Both of these types are listed together because of their numerous similarities. For instance, both of them are common in urban areas.

What causes Pollution?

From the wheel of the industry to artificial household items used by an individual, there are thousands of pollution causes. The causes discussed here are of a general category which leads to all types of Pollution, like air, water, and land pollution.

1. Pollution Due to Fossil Fuels

The most discussed cause of Pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. It is because of its massive impact on human machinery. When James-Watt introduced the first steam engine, it was like a marvel – a dream come true.

The trade was faster and better; they were no longer dependent on-air direction when traveling at sea. Moreover, the concept of railroads came soon after that. The business flourished, and the factory system was also knocking on the door.

Ultimately, every one of these segments of human progress depended on fossil fuel burning. First came coal, then carnosine oil, and much later came the age of internal combustion engines – gasoline burning.

Furthermore, the desire for progress and an urge to gain more came at a higher cost of environmental Pollution. Humanity progressed and flourished while Pollution kept on strengthening its roots.

Most gasoline is consumed by transportation and vehicles globally, making them a significant contributor to air pollution. Among the significant causes of Pollution, this one takes the top spot.

2. Industries as the Pollution Source

Most percentage of the air, land, Noise, and water pollution is caused by industries around the globe. The burning of fossil fuels like coal, petrol, diesel, and other fuels continuously add pollutants, particulates, and other harmful elements to the air.

The worst thing about this type of Pollution is that it does not stay in one place and is divided worldwide. For instance, if China or USA has millions of factories throwing out smoke every hour, it doesn’t stay in China or USA; it will spread across the globe.

The chemical and other types of waste from factories cause water contamination, leading to multiple diseases and problems. Similarly, such wastes are also causing huge problems and causing a surge in land pollution.

3. Wastes Filling the Land

Waste can be of many forms: factories, houses, nuclear plants, and radioactive facilities. More importantly, each type of waste needs a different disposal approach, and if tread carefully, numerous consequences of Pollution can be avoided. Unfortunately, due to the carelessness of humans and no interest in the environment, they have turned the earth into a garbage can.

The wastes from factories can get mixed in water, causing water quality to decrease. Similarly, it can seep into the soil and get mixed in the groundwater.

Nuclear waste is another story, and the damage and consequences increase exponentially. It can cause cancer growth and genetic problems, which are not limited to humans – plants and animals are also affected.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Human Activities

Humans are the alpha dwellers and apex creatures of the planet earth. The first humans only fought to survive, and today they wish to live a comfortable life. Similarly, a comfortable life demands a lot many manufactured products and services.

Everything comes in packing, from packing a candy to a milk can. Likewise, in-house cleaning, laundry, and furnishing require some chemical usage. Also, humans’ outdoor activities include elements that cause Pollution.

5. Nuclear Activities

Nuclear testing around the world has caused the heat levels of the atmosphere to rise and accelerated global warming. Also, atomic tests are responsible for increased atomic radiation in some parts, which can cause numerous diseases and issues.

Effects of Pollution on Environment

Pollution affects all types of living and non-living things on earth. Its effects are not limited to humans or animals only. Similarly, most living beings depend on each other directly or indirectly. So, if animals are affected, it also threatens human survival. Similarly, plants and animals depend on each other for their continued growth and lives.

1. Effects on Animals

Animals go parallel to humans, and they are a necessary element. Without them, humans cannot survive.

When soil is contaminated due to land pollution, animals are forced to change habitats, resulting in a change of environment and ineffective ways of life, leading to the extinction of a species.

Similarly, when harmful things and wastes make their way into the water sources, they are unsafe to drink. Animals often get sick and die when they drink tainted water.

Animals have a much more sensitive respiratory system than humans do; they are more vulnerable to lung and heart diseases. A considerable number of animals and birds die due to breathing poisonous gases. They cannot survive without a healthy supply of air.

2. Effects on Plants

Pollution affects plants through many forms and sources. When non-natural substances come into contact or are consumed by plants, they cause them damage.

Air, water, and land pollution cause severe damage to plant life. Plants are so sensitive that even light Pollution causes them problems.

The primary plant-killing agents in today’s environment are acid rain, soil pollution, and water pollution.

Plants, since their creation, have had a role in supporting other living beings on the planet. So, if they are affected, humans and animals are also part of the damage.

3. Effects of Pollution on Non-living things

Typically, there are no classifications of living things other than humans, plants, and animals. But nature is a living and breathing being that protects and refurbishes the land and atmosphere.

Here the only non-living things are the manufactured structures and inventions – the artificial stuff.

So, how does Pollution affect non-living things?

Chemical leaks and acid rain are the two major players in this category. Chemical leaks are a type of Pollution that can damage machinery and buildings. Similarly, acid rain is known to cause billions of dollars of damage to buildings each year.

Effects of Pollution on Humans

Each type of Pollution has adverse effects on humans directly or indirectly. You cannot live in today’s world without being affected by Pollution. The air you breathe, the water you drink, and even the land you walk are affected by Pollution directly or indirectly.

Let us walk you through various types of Pollution and their impacts on human lives.

Few cause air pollution, and it harms all. It is like an airborne virus that has numerous consequences on human health. In history, there are recorded cases of whole towns that were wiped out because of suffocation due to the high density of industrial air contaminants.

The most common air pollution diseases are lung cancer, other respiratory diseases, heart conditions, and strokes.

Land pollution is the most visible and hideous of all. It turns beautiful green lands into junkyards. The beauty of mother earth is dimmed by land pollution to the point where that beauty turns into an eyesore. The most common land pollution diseases are cancer, leukemia, and nervous system damage.

Water pollution is another product of human negligence towards their environments. Like air, water is also a basic need of humans, and due to particular contaminations, it can cause various diseases. Whether a human consumes contaminated water or not, it affects him one way or another.

The significant conditions associated with water pollution are cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, and giardiasis. Plastic contamination also becomes a benefactor of various diseases when microplastics become part of it.

The most disturbing Pollution is the louder one, called noise pollution. It can cause Noise Induced hearing loss, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.

How to Prevent Pollution?

Every problem has a solution; it is also valid for Pollution. You can take simple steps in your daily life to reduce it. Every time you use a product, transport, air conditioner, shopping bag, chemical, or even clean your windows – you can help your environment.

Be a Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem. – Stephen R. Covey

1. Energy Conservation and Conversion

Electricity and engine-driven machinery are a few of the primary needs of today. Unfortunately, these two are the most pollution-causing agents. So, a question arises here how do we bring in some alternatives and how to prevent Pollution?

Well, electricity is not bad; it is clean energy; however, the ways adopted to gain this resource are unsuitable. Hydro, solar, and wind are the perfect sources of earning electricity and, if properly planned, can run the world.

2. Environment-Friendly Transportation

Electric vehicles have been in the market for a decade and shall replace internal combustion engines entirely by 2050. They do not emit any radiation or smoke. Also, there is deadly silence, and there is no worry of noise pollution as well.

Astonishingly they are much more convenient and economical as well. You can drive them hundreds of miles with the price of only a few dollars of electricity.

Similarly, another solution to Pollution is using public transport instead of personal vehicles. It will save you capital and will also protect the environment.

Another example of environment-friendly transport is bicycles, which has numerous benefits like exercise and, more importantly, no gas.

A few kilometers walk is recommended to most people by doctors. So, if you have some errand to run, try to go on foot.

3. Recycle and Re-Use

If you look around you in a poorly managed area or a city, you will observe numerous piles of garbage and plastic wastes. In industrial sites with no proper waste disposal system, you will watch the trash that is not recycled and thrown away.

Pollution here is to build recycling facilities around the city, using used products and wastes and turning them into valuable products.

Also, you have to use such products. Similarly, it is also good to buy fewer plastic products and use them for extended periods. Putting some effort into such small feats may help you to prevent Pollution.

4. Environment-Friendly Agriculture Ways

The use of pesticides and fertilizers has numerous benefits for farmers. Similarly, they also pose threats like soil contamination, water pollution, and chemical addition in the air.

Adopting newer and environment-friendly agricultural ways can make the environment safe from all these hazards and stop these problems. Green agriculture is one of such answers.

5. Plantation of Native and Low-Water Plants

Tree planting is one solution, but its importance is non-comparable to other solutions. It is because plants are nature’s tools in fighting against various anti-natural elements.

Trees provide oxygen, and some of them consume various harmful substances. In layman’s terms, you can call them “natural filters.”

Di you know that the Taiga forest refreshes the whole globe by producing the most oxygen in the world? It is located far from the average human reach in the Artic – the northern part of the globe.

It is an impressive feat of nature that those billions of trees refresh the whole planet, and they are safe from human interference like the cutting of trees.

Finally, planting more and more trees might be the simplest and most effective way of reducing pollution.

6. Learn About Pollution Prevention and Spread the Word

You are reading this essay on Pollution and gaining some perspective about the topic. After reading this, you must spread the word about this with your friends or social circle. It is imperative because you are a human and want to protect your environment.

The world is full of Pollution, increasing day after day. It is not caused by a single human being and was a collective effort. Similarly, it will have to be a collaborative effort to get the environment back to its early days of greenery and cleanliness.

Conclusion: Essay on Pollution

Some experts and philosophers believe that pollution solutions are known worldwide; however, implementing those solutions is minimal. The ignorance of humanity towards its environment and the planet’s health is a warning for future generations.

The term pollution has become so vast that there are various subcategories within its categories.

Unfortunately, there are more causes and effects of pollution today than solutions. Of course, answers are present, but a solution is only good when implemented.

Behind every shining and wondrous city of the world, there is a pile of chemical waste and a mass of polluted air.

Refraining from throwing garbage on the floor might not be enough to stop it, but it is a start. Nonetheless, nobody in this world can live without polluting the environment.

Did you know that Pollution is the most significant cause of environmental diseases and premature deaths?

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