Pollution is now a big concern to talk about as it is rising rapidly. It has very dangerous effects on the environment and that could also lead to the end of this world.

So be conscious about it. Below we have written a wonderful essay on pollution in 150 words.

Essay on Pollution in 150 Words

Essay on Pollution in 150 Words
Essay on Pollution in 150 Words

Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances and has an adverse effect on the environment. Both natural and human activities are responsible for the rise of pollution.

There are various types of pollution, majorly water pollution, air pollution, and land pollution. Pollution causes due to petroleum vehicles, factories, volcanic eruptions, deforestation, littering, fireworks, and much more.

Pollution causes several human diseases and sometimes leads to death. It has very hazardous effects on the environment.

Many plants and animal species are being extinct due to pollution. However, peoples are still not conscious about it. Even humans are the main reason for pollution.

But if this will go like this way, then humans could be in very dangerous trouble in the future. So being a responsible person of this world, it’s our duty to save the earth from being demolished.

Therefore, never pollute the environment and save nature.

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