Light pollution also known as luminous pollution is a great problem that affects human eye health severely. We know how light is important for life. Without light, we even can’t move anywhere.

But everything has advantages with drawbacks. Our eyes have also some limits in capturing light.

When the amount of light reaches beyond its level, then it could be harmful to the eye and can also cause several diseases.

Today we will see the major causes, effects, and preventions of light pollution. Ley begins the impressive essay on light pollution.

What is Light Pollution?

essay on light pollution for student

Light pollution simply refers to a light level after which our eyes become unable to look at something clearly. Or in a short words, it means too much light.

It causes by both natural and human activities. Although it hasn’t a very adverse effect on the environment. But it could make people blind.

Researchers say that light pollution can have a lasting effect on human and wildlife health.

Most people haven’t even heard about light pollution. And especially this causing the increase in light pollution. According to Wikipedia, Americans cost billions of dollars every year due to light pollution only.

The Main Causes of Light Pollution

There is no major natural cause of light pollution. Almost all humans contribute more than 95 percent to light pollution.

Poor planning of signage and street light also causes light pollution. As the peoples aren’t aware of the light effects, they leave the lights on every day.

These types of activities could be easily seen in parties, marriages, clubs, and ceremonies. Furthermore, the use of fireworks also causes light pollution on a large scale.

Light pollution is increasing rapidly as the population is increasing. Peoples are careless about their excessive use of light. Vehicle lights are also a major cause of light pollution.

Some people just use lamplights for decoration which really puts a bad sentiment on light pollution.

Major Effects of Light Pollution

Light pollution affects humans along with animals’ health. Below are the major effects of light pollution.

1. Diseases – Light pollution can cause many diseases to humans, especially eye relates. Humans go with a particular circadian rhythm that is programmed in their DNA.

It follows a static pattern of light during the day and dark at the night. If external lights interfere with the system, it goes disrupted and leads to several diseases like cardiovascular problems, cancer, and depression.

Moreover, light pollution damages the sensor nerves in your eyes.

2. Sleeping – Light pollution causes sleeping problems. Too much light can distract people from a good sleep and this could really lead to anxiety and depression.

3. Air Pollution – Light pollution also causes air pollution. When an excessive amount of electricity is used for light, it results in an increase in C02 and leads to cause air pollution.

4. Eco-System – The environment was running for years with a natural source of light. But now humans are using artificial lights for their use and this makes changes in the environment habitat and affects the eco-system.

How to Reduce the Light Pollution

After knowing the causes and the dangerous effects of light pollution, we should need to control it by increasing more. Being responsible citizens of the world, it’s our duty to make our future survivable.

But with the rise in light pollution, we could be in trouble in the upcoming days. So, we should need to follow the steps that really stop light pollution from increasing.

  • Don’t celebrate your parties and functions with fireworks. It also leads to air pollution.
  • Switch the bulbs when they are not in use.
  • Use your vehicle’s lights in a proper way.
  • Don’t use lights for decoration.
  • Try to afford LED lights and night bulbs in dark.
  • Use street lights in a proper manner.
  • Only use IDA-approved light equipment.

Above are the major preventions of light pollution. We should need to implement them in our life.

Hope you are happy with the amazing essay on light pollution. Follow out the friendly activities that could save the earth from being destroyed. We would like to get your feedback about this essay on light pollution.

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