Essay on Environmental Pollution for Students in English

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The environment is the home where we all organisms are living. Just think about what will happen if our shelter becomes our enemy. And the same thing human beings are doing. Their wrong activity leading to several kinds of pollution that has an adverse effect on the environment. While it is air, water, or soil pollution, each one is contributing so far to environmental pollution. Now, it has become a daily problem and arising on a large scale every year.

Being a responsible citizen, it’s our duty to know the causes, effects, and prevention of environmental pollution to make our coming days better. Let have a look below at this very interesting essay on environmental pollution.

Environmental Pollution is an incurable disaster. It can only be prevented – Barry Commoner

What is Environmental Pollution?

Environmental Pollution refers to the instability of natural components which are essential for living organisms. Such components like water, air, soil, etc. These components are highly responsible for living on the earth. Without them, the organisms can’t live anymore. The main causes of environmental pollution include air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and light pollution. Apart from them, there are also more causes but have a negligible effect on the environment.

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Environmental pollution has a number of effects that even can’t be expressed in a single chapter. And why? Because every type of pollution are responsible for the increase of environmental pollution. Let you see how it causes and affects the environment.

Causes of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the combination of every type of pollution that has an effect on the environment. Similarly, the causes of different types of pollution are responsible for environmental pollution too. The main causes are industrial waste, agricultural practices, sewage, deforestation, soil erosion, non-electric vehicles, etc.

1. Industrial Waste

One of the very common and most effective causes of environmental pollution is industrial wastes. The industry’s products contain toxic chemicals and materials which later released into water bodies. As a result, the water gets affected by toxic chemicals on a large scale.

2. Agriculture

We are living in the modern era and similarly, the farmers are also using the modern style of cropping. Although, the modern style helps to make ease of agriculture but also affects the environment severely. Farmers are using chemical fertilizers on a very large scale. But when the rain comes, the fertilizer mixed up with the rainwater and carried out to the rivers and ponds.

3. Sewage

Sewage is a general source of environmental pollution that can be easily seen in the surroundings, especially in urban areas. Household products, such as detergents, fenail, spoiled foods, and toxic substances are usually thrown into the sewage. And due to improper sewage treatment, those harmful product causes environmental pollution.

4. Fireworks

When it comes to parties, events, and functions, human beings almost forget all the paths in the joy of fireworks. But the truth is that joy would be the reason for environmental pollution. The fireworks are made up of very harmful chemicals that lead to cause air pollution after releasing into the atmosphere. And this further contributes to environmental pollution.

5. Vehicles

The world is now moving to an Electrical Vehicles (EV) era where the vehicles would run on electricity. Although, it might take a long year to be implemented from today. And we can’t sit aside in its wait. Vehicles are becoming the major cause for the rise in environmental pollution. They exhaust very harmful and toxic gaseous that directly hit nature. Such gases include Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, and the prominent greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide.

Effects of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the mixture and leader of all other types of pollutions. Through this, anyone can consider how effective is it. Environmental pollution doesn’t only affect humans, but every living organism. Despite this, it affects the atmosphere severely and leads to damage to the O-Zone layer of the earth. Let you further see the major effects of environmental pollution in this essay.

  • Human Health

Humans are the most important creature in the whole universe. And environmental pollution majorly affects them and sometimes leads to death. When environmental pollution comes in form of air pollution, it damages the human respiratory system. When it comes in form of water pollution, it causes diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, and skin infection. per the report, more than 4 million people die each year from air pollution alone.

  • Animals Life

Environmental pollution has the next major effect on animal’s life. They mainly depend on plants for food and living which are getting damaged due to environmental pollution. As per UK reports, over 100 million marine animals die every year from plastic waste. The numbers are sure going to increase if humans will continue polluting the environment. Moreover, several species of animals are getting extinct due to environmental pollution only.

  • Eco System

Environmental pollution disrupts the ecosystem harshly. The flora and fauna kingdom of forests are getting damaged by it. Plants and trees are highly responsible for life on earth as they form oxygen. While it’s humans, animals, or any living organisms, everyone depends on plants. But on another side, the same humans are doing such activities that are affecting the plants severely. And through this cycle, everything on earth which depends on oxygen is disrupting by environmental pollution.

Preventions of Environmental Pollution

Well! After getting aware of the causes and effects, everyone should need to know its preventions. Let you look below at how one should protect the world from this hazardous environmental pollution.

  1. Environmental developments should be checked several types that either it has an effect on the environment or not. In this way, we can stop ourselves before making a big mistake.
  2. Everyone should need to use eco-friendly products and have to avoid non-biodegradable products seriously.
  3. Proper sewage treatment can prevent increasing environmental pollution on a large scale. Along with this, we should need to stop the peoples who used to throw toxic materials in the sewage.
  4. Afforestation is the key step to prevent environmental pollution. This would help in both air pollution and in soil pollution. Also, the government should need to take strict actions against the fellers.
  5. Industries should be band that uses to dump their wastes in the water bodies. Altogether, the industries that produce toxic gases should be closed.

The Bottom Line

Environmental pollution is now a worrying concern that needs to be controlled immediately. If it increases with the current speed, then we might not be able to enjoy our future. Although, Elon Musk is preparing for the Mars mission, always remember that there is no second earth. Mars is still all about conceptual ideas but still major of the peoples afraid to go there.

Anyway, it would take years and years to be finalized. But yet we all are on the only earth. And we shouldn’t need to forget our coming days. So, educate others about this rising environmental pollution and save the earth. I hope you liked this essay on environmental pollution. Share your ideas on how to control this rising trouble.

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