About Us

About Our Website

Trackpollution.com is a global website that wants to educate the people about Environment & pollutions. We know how pollution is increasing every day. However, peoples are still not serious about it. Before it should be too late and the pollution wipes out the earth, we have to control it.

Our Vision

The world is moving in a dangerous way which can lead us to doomsday. That way is pollution. Therefore, we are visioning to make everyone responsible in the coming days. Everyone should need to know about pollution and its causes and effects. So that we can further control it from increasing.

In order to control pollution, we first need to know the causes of pollution. Then we should know how to prevent pollution, the prominent steps to control it. These all the things we are providing you to make you educated and sincere about pollution.

Why About Pollution

We all know a bit about pollution which is enough for understanding it. But everyone may not understand the dangerous effects of pollution. Peoples are almost here that pollution causes respiratory problems. And this is almost nothing against the unpredictable effects of pollution.

We are working hard for our future, but what if the future wouldn’t safe because of our wrong activities. The wrong activities of humans are the major cause of the increment of pollution. We are not facing many problems these times. But in long term, people couldn’t be able to go out without an oxygen cylinder. You can’t realize how dangerous the pollution could be.

Furthermore, I would like to say that we have to take pollution very seriously. So, that our coming days would be easy to live.